Award Winners 2015 E-mail
Thursday, 09 July 2015 13:42

Once again we were blown away by the quality of work of the graduates on the BA Jewellery and Related Products course at the School of Jewellery. Congratulations to everyone on the course for your beautiful bodies of work, we're sure you'll all go on to do great things!

However, there had to be a winner, and we're delighted to announce the winners of this year's Sara Preisler Award for Practical Realisation of Concept are Chloe Solomon and Rebecca Blakeway!

Rebecca uses etching and enamel techniques to shine a light on the beauty of details often unappreciated within our busy, modern-day lifestyles; be they architectural or on our own bodies. Using a muted pallette in contrast with bright silver, she engages both sight and touch in her gorgeous body of work.

In her 'Skin' collection Chloe evokes the texture and surface of our skin using her unique wax hybrid material. Every piece has a unique finish, featuring delicate textures and colours housed inside linear forms to evoke the connection between all of us.

A huge congratulations to both of our winners, keep an eye out for their work in the gallery soon!