Congratulations to Emily-Kriste Wilcox! E-mail
Thursday, 10 May 2012 10:34

Congratulations to Emily-Kriste Wilcox, our current exhibitor, who has won the Craft & Design Selected Silver Award 2012 – ceramics category!!

Steve Ogden, C&D Selected Awards Judge, 2012 has said the following in relation to her work:

” Emily-Kriste Wilcox’s work presented a very different approach to clay using slabs as flat canvases, expressing images as though seen through mist. Her work demonstrated that unique quality craft materials have, their ability to allow the maker to cross reference techniques and approaches, reversing our traditional sequence of making, enabling the maker to decorate as a painter would a canvas, and then create a three dimensional form.”

The Selected Awards are organised and sponsored by Craft & Design Magazine.