Practical Realisation of Concept Awards 2016 E-mail
Tuesday, 21 June 2016 16:50

The Sara Preisler Award for Practical Realisation of Concept has been awarded to new emerging designer/makers from Birmingham City University’s School of Jewellery for the past four years. This outstanding award is given by Sara to the graduating student(s) who best expresses their thoughts and ideologies through their final year work.


This year the quality was so outstanding it made picking the winners more difficult than ever previously,

however, we did come to a decision and the winners are Becky Williams and Lauren Bell-Brown, so a huge congratulations to them both!

Becky draws inspiration from decaying urban surfaces, intricate details and bold architectural lines to create decorative vessels and jewellery. Her work explores the ideas of positive and negative space, the interaction of objects with their environment and the juxtaposition of densities. She works with enamelled copper to create the detailed work, which contrast against the clean lines of the steel forms to form stunning structures which interact with each other and encourages varying juxtapositions and diversity amongst her collections.

In contrast, Lauren Bell-Brown's collection builds upon her understanding of traditional fairy-tale aesthetics where she aims to ‘Unravel the Fairytale’ with her portrayal of beauty in the classic Snow White tale whilst incorporating the Grimm’s Brothers’ more sinister narrative.

Intricate and ornate, the detail in her jewellery is combined with needlepoint embellishment which adds drama to the fantasy of the pieces offering a subversive twist to the concept of the familiar ‘happily ever after’.

We cant wait to have their pieces on show here in the gallery for you all to see and have the opportunity to buy- and we also are looking forward to working with them closely in the near future as they look to develop their creative adventures... We'll keep you posted!