We look back on a successful summer! E-mail
Wednesday, 05 September 2018 14:42

And what a summer it has been! We have been in high demand with many beautiful commissions and wonderful bespoke pieces that have been thoughtfully designed and produced! As its nearing the end of our long summer days, we thought we would keep you in the loop with everything going on over here at the Sara Preisler Gallery.

With a new season comes a new collection!

As autumn rears its head and the leaves begin to change, The Sara Preisler Gallery is delighted to announce the return of the beautiful Forged and Foraged Collection. With many wonderfully bold pieces currently in completion, the organic and natural feel to this series is perfect in time for the changing of the seasons. A beautiful orange glow forms from the copper, mirroring an autumnal setting. Strength and power can be seen in the copper, held up beautifully on steel torques and silver chains. Drawn from natural forms, the shapes that are created are bold and these striking pieces have defined ‘fold forged’ components.

Keep your eyes peeled for this fantastic collection with an incredible selection of brand new pieces made in the Gallery and Studio by Sara herself.