Exhibitions and events

An on going series of bi-monthly exhibitions, The Sara Preisler gallery is keen to promote and encourage the development of new work, be this from established designer/makers or the very latest new graduates.

Each artist is carefully selected based exclusively on the quality of concept, originality and realization of finished pieces. To apply contact Sara at the gallery on 0121 7940205.


Current Exhibition:

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: "For Nostalgic Souls"

As the romantic season falls upon us, we have some perfect gifts to show your loved one just how much they mean to you this Valentine's Day. This year we are delighted to present 'For Nostalgic Souls' a fantastic exhibition showcasing two contemporary collections of jewellery.

The first, a beautiful series of work hand-crafted by Sara Preisler exclusively for this exhibition. Delicate pressed shapes have been detailed with hand-finished touches of 24ct Gold Leaf, individually stamped letters and a palette of oxides that bring character to each piece. A selection of jewellery that includes a subtle yet elegant nod to Valentine's Day, Sara has re-worked some of her past collections from the last 25 years to create this unique range...

The second collection introduces movement, with a variety of hand-worked shapes. The artist has infused her knowledge of colour and layering to create this superb collection of anodized aluminium jewellery – making each piece lightweight and easy to wear! With hints of romantic motifs such as hearts and flowers, there really is something for everyone… To take a closer look at all the outstanding work on display, visit the Gallery at The Custard Factory today!

Exhibition runs until the beginning of March.


Previous exhibitions

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: "Star Light"

As the nights begin to draw in, we welcome the festive season upon us with open arms! This year, Sara Preisler Gallery presents our newest exhibition: 'Star Light'. A beautiful collaboration of intricate design and high quality finish, focusing on natural form found in geodes and the refraction of light.

Two unique interpretations, including a variety of large scale installation works and smaller sculptural pieces using an intricate hand-cut paper technique. The artist folds and layers simple sheets of paper, cutting into them to create the most stunning geometric designs and patterns taking inspiration from natural forming geodes and the frost that is typical to the seasons ahead. Perfectly complimenting this beautiful series of work is an exquisite range of hand-crafted jewellery including organic pearls. Rich reds are balanced with a gold and silver palette to create a stunning selection of pieces that make the most perfect one of a kind gifts this season.

This exhibition ran until January 2020

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: "Seeking Autumn"

This autumn at Sara Preisler Gallery we are showcasing two examples of traditional craft in contemporary form.

Our exhibition consists of two exquisitely made collections, from two designers featuring hand-carved wooden pieces, (materials sourced from National Trust managed woodland), to carefully made ceramic jewellery with seasonal colours highlighted with touches of gold. Each of these incredible collections have been especially made for us and are exclusive to The Gallery.

We look forward to you visiting us to view all these beautiful items created by some of the UK’s leading makers today!

This exhibition ran until mid November 2019.

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: "Hive"

Our brand new Summer Exhibition is here! Now that the evenings are getting longer and we are seeing more blue skies and warmer days, we are celebrating the nature that comes with this beautiful seasonal change. Introducing 'Hive' – an exhibition showcasing outstanding work by a selection of award winning jewellers and ceramicists focusing on the flight and perspective of bees and insects!

These stunning collections interpret the theme in very unique ways, each with a very different technique and form however when pulled together create a series of work that is sure to stir up a buzz this season. From delicate vinyl cut our jewellery beautifully contrasting with more traditionally made silver floral pieces to a hand-chosen selection of ceramic items including the ancient Japanese method of Raku fired pots and the classic elegance of water colour pottery - delve into the world of the 'Hive' this summer!

This exhibition ran until the end of August 2019

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: "Inspiring Spaces"

This summer we are delighted to showcase a series of outstanding work at the cutting edge of wearable art. Introducing 'Inspiring Spaces' Exhibition, a collection of work by upcoming designers who won the accredited Sara Preisler Award for Practical Realisation of Concept whilst completing their BA in Jewellery and Related Products course at The School of Jewellery. For the sixth year running, Sara has given this award to innovative graduating students, continuing to support young designers that have demonstrated clear ideas and outstanding practice in their final projects and throughout their time at university.

Invited by Sara to create an outstanding summer exhibition taking inspiration from Birmingham's Custard Factory, their work reflects the creative quarter's structured form and bursts of colour in the very latest jewellery designs. Showcasing first major collections, exclusive to Sara Preisler Gallery, this work delicately connects the urban world beyond the display to each carefully crafted piece of jewellery. Created using hand formed precious metals submerged in bold playful powder coated colours from rich blues to hot pinks, these intriguing shapes form a strong range of contemporary pieces unlike any other. Collectable as well as wearable, all pieces are entirely one offs – so add a punch of colour to any outfit this summer!

This exhibition ran until the end of June 2019


Sara Preisler Gallery presents: "Equinox in Spring"

As Spring approaches, we bring you a brand new exhibition filled with vibrant colours and patterns!  Introducing 'Equinox in Spring' a beautiful new range of Printed Aluminium Jewellery, a hand-crafted selection of light-weight wearable pieces perfect for the spring months ahead.  With use of golds, greens and blues demonstrating unique shapes including many reversible pieces. Showcasing a variety of nature inspired floral patterns; this collection is one not to be missed! To shop this stunning new collection and take a closer look at all the outstanding work on display, visit the Gallery at The Custard Factory today!

This exhibition ran from 1.3.19- 29.4.19

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: "Markers Mark – For Valentine's Day"

Treat the one you love this Valentine's Day by gifting a beautiful piece of bespoke jewellery! This year we are delighted to present "Markers Mark – For Valentine's Day", a fantastic exhibition filled with the highest quality design and technique.

Showing two complimentary collections, the first a stunning selection of hand-crafted folded and formed pieces, demonstrating craftsmanship at its very finest. The second, a makers mark collection, with a variety of carefully worked items using traditional  Gold Leaf application techniques. With hints of romantic motifs such as hearts and roses, this selection of jewellery is a subtle yet elegant approach towards Valentine's Day. To take a closer look at all the outstanding work on display, visit the Gallery at The Custard Factory today!

This exhibition ran from 10.1.19 until 1,3.19


Sara Preisler Gallery presents: 'A Christmas Landscape'

As the seasons continue to change and the nights are drawing in, Sara Preisler Gallery brings a brand new exhibition of outstanding work from award winning designer Karin Sheldon, perfectly suited for the festive season upon us.

This year we introduce 'A Christmas Landscape', beautiful collections of jewellery with new technique and forms, bringing with each piece a sense of strength and fluidity. An exploration of the contrasts between a rural and urban aesthetic, Karin’s work pulls inspiration from both. The Collections are bound together by a response to the visual stimulus of daily life and the beyond. With motivation taken from the industrial town where Karin lives, each abstract piece is embedded with images of inspiration, creating a narrative throughout and experimenting with new surfaces and textures. Using silver and 24ct gold vermeil in a variety of methods, from her 'graffiti' style etched works with a strength and connection to an urban aesthetic, to a more rural identity within her landscape inspired 'Nature Walk' collection. Karin uses the ancient Korean gilding technique of Keum-Bo and all pieces are finished to the highest quality.

This exhibition ran from 16th November until the beginning of January 2019.


Sara Preisler Gallery presents: 'Menagerie'

Warm tones and the changing of the leaves, with the change of season comes a brand new exhibition. The Sara Preisler Gallery is delighted to present the Menagerie Exhibition, with works by award winning designer Sara Gunn.

With dramatic prints inlayed in metal and leather, this collection is designed for each piece to be as individual as the wearer. Sara has explored many processes including organic ones such as acid etching and by using this technique it allows her a high degree of variation with the bold patterns and shapes created. From the beautifully crafted curvaceous leather cuffs with textured prints, to geometric, angular earrings and pendants, this collection finds inspiration from nature and the urban backdrop, finding importance in both.  Sara's jewellery has been worn by many models and celebrities at various fashion events and her work lead her to winning the 2013 Cockpit Arts Clear Insurance Award.

This exhibition ran from the 1st of September until 15th November 2018.

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: 'Colour Pop'

As we move further from spring and the summer sun rears its head, there is no better time for a splash of colour.

Introducing the new 'Colour Pop' exhibition, from recent graduate and upcoming designer Cara Budd. Winner of the Sara Preisler Realisation of Concept Award 2017, Cara’s geometric approach to jewellery hits you with the abstract form of contemporary art mixed in beautifully with a vibrant colour palette. Inspired by line prints and architectural landscape, this refreshing collection plays with bold new shapes using the juxtaposition of charcoal grey and ruby in the same stroke as bright yellow and orange. Working with stainless steel, reflecting the structure of an urban backdrop, the fluidity of each movement is captured within the work. Add a pop of colour to your wardrobe this summer! We hope to see you soon.

This exhibition ran from 10th May to 30th August 2018.

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: 'Bluebell Woods'

It has  finally stopped snowing, (we hope), and the days are rapidly getting longer, it’s time to step out of hibernation and explore the new goodies we have been sourcing for you!

Our beautiful new exhibition looks at the work of several recent graduates, who we have selected especially to explore the themes of water and earth for this spring time display. Our exhibition: 'Bluebell Woods' quietly reveals movement in the landscape through abstract ideas in  jewellery, sometimes using painterly enamels, sometimes the process of how the pieces are made to emulate both colour and form. Be it from the breeze through the trees and grass to the flow of water in rushing rivers, all are made from silvers, glass enamels, rose and yellow golds and are truly delightful, we hope you are able to see them soon.

This exhibition ran from 11th March to 30th April 2018.

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: 'Love in a Mist'

'Love in a Mist' is our latest exhibition featuring the works of new artist Grace Scullen.  A graduate of Liverpool Hope University, Grace is inspired by the English garden, its colour and structure alike, where she uses a variety of mediums to create a series of pieces ranging from fine jewellery to hand embroidered cushions, and paper flowers.

Each item is unique and on sale here in the gallery, ideal in reflection of this most romantic of seasons.

This exhibition ran from 10th January to 10th March 2018.

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: 'Folkloric': our beautiful Christmas season show

After another exciting year at The Sara Preisler Gallery we are looking forward to welcoming in an enchanted winter with this year's Christmas collection!

Step into an immersive world of folklore and fairytale exhibiting new collections from Britain's most talented designers and artists. The Gallery displays wonderfully unique jewellery designs for both men and women, designed and personally created by Sara herself in her studio in-store. As well as our loyal artists we represent throughout the year there will be beautiful, intricate designs and embellished statement pieces from a series of innovative guest designers, available exclusively in the Gallery.

The Sara Preisler Gallery presents a broad range of original, bespoke pieces from exquisite bone china tableware to miniature wire worlds captured in molten glass to luxurious silk handkerchiefs and scarves. With a wide range of prices, the Sara Preisler Gallery is the perfect destination for gifts for you and your loved ones during the holiday season.

Sara and the team have been working hard designing this year's magical Christmas window. Expect romantic ice florals and striking decorative icicles to surround you throughout the winter months.

This exhibition ran from 16th November 2017 to 8th January 2018.

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: 'Echo Falls'

The Gallery is bringing in Autumn this year with a fitting yet extraordinary exhibition featuring the natural beauty this season brings.  We hope you enjoy the delightful combination of nature's seasonal sights, the 'Echo Falls' exhibition brings, where we would like to introduce two fresh and 'exclusive to us' makers: Aniela Kiosqueanieli and Barry Steadman.

Aniela is a jewellery designer that bases her work around nature, and uses organic and geometric shapes. Her creations are simple and minimalistic, creating a contrast between architectural forms and semi precious natural minerals found set in her pieces. 

Barry works in series rather than in the singular. Influenced by natural phenomena, places, and emotions he develops ideas from drawing and landscape painting, he particularly searches to reveal the warmth and brightness of earthenware using slip, oxides and under-glazes, over a red clay body. The surfaces are created in layers, firing in between using thin washes, wiping back and building up rich zones of colour to add further depth, tone and texture.

We hope this Autumn show will dismiss those end of Summer blues where you can enjoy the wholesome joy that this exclusive collection brings.

This exhibition ran from 1st September to 15th November 2017.

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: 'Oceanic'

With our enchanting atmosphere in the gallery over the summer months, we are delighted to introduce the work of Jess Collinge and Ailsa Garlick to our 'Oceanic' Summer exhibition!

Jess Collinge's pieces are created by hand-pouring resin, forming bright, bold abstract patterns. The colourful collection features statement necklaces, brooches, rings and earrings. Attention to detail and hand embellishment is what makes Jess' jewellery creations individual and unique.

Ailsa Garlick creates beautiful and striking jewellery that explores our relationship with nature, symbolism, and the power an object can hold for us. Ailsa uses texture, natural forms and detail to make jewellery to treasure. Her pieces are made in Silver and Bronze, using traditional techniques including the art of lost wax casting.

We hope you enjoy the young and fun spirits of the beach in the colours of Jess Collinge’s work, with the mature structured details of under the oceans surface that Ailsa Garlick’s reminds us of. A thrilling combination that will bring tranquilly to the Gallery for busy time of Summer!

All pieces are available to purchase.

This exhibition ran from July 1st to 26th August 2017.

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: Bright Ideas

Brand new exhibition! We all know there is a lot of talented makers out there, and this show we are delighted to introduce to you the work of the fabulous Rachel Butlin who is our showcased maker for this season.

Rachel uses a combination of beautiful woods and silvers with which she composes a wealth of one off collections  up-cycling resins and off-setting them with architectural elements. She creates enamels and bold colour, to produce the most amazing original yet wearable objects. Each piece of jewellery shows passion for materials allowing exciting processes to be explored throughout pieces, she truly has bright ideas!

This exhibition ran from April 28th to 3rd June 2017.

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: Windy Washing

We are delighted to showcase the work of established Jeweller Jenni Wilson at the Sara Preisler Gallery! Jenni has developed lovable and quirky jewellery  which sits perfectly in the gallery's 'Windy Washing' theme.

Making miniature items of clothing from silvers and golds, pieces can be selected to hang on a washing line or on tiny coat hangers, some of the jewellery contains vintage fabric samples encouraging the viewer to take a closer look at the intricate detail. We are truly excited by the freshness of this series of pieces and hope you can join us this spring.  

This exhibition ran from February 25th to 30th April 2017.

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: Rebecca Williams

We are thrilled to introduce the work of graduate Jeweller Rebecca Williams to the Sara Preisler Gallery New Year window!

Building on her award winning graduate collection, Becky has developed her work to highlight and contrast the vast differences found in brutalist architecture. In this his she has  constantly referenced the wealth of regeneration across the city of Birmingham throughout the 20th century, representing the many different textural and colour elements in her pieces.

In some cases, Rebecca uses enamelled copper to create intricately detailed circular and tubular designs, coupled with silver or steel structural elements. Her striking vessels explore ideas of positive and negative space, and the interaction between objects and their surroundings.

Rebecca’s subtle textures and  neutral colour palette is perfect for our early spring showcase here at The Sara Preisler gallery, where Rebecca has made some exclusive jewellery pieces to add to the  ambiance of this, her first solo show.

This exhibition ran from January 13th to 11th March 2017.

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: the unique collections of Lauren Bell Brown for Chistmas 2016

Creating a fairytale fantasy this Christmas......

Winning graduate Lauren Bell Brown has been uniquely selected by multi award winning The Sara Preisler Gallery for this year’s Christmas window.

A winner of Sara Preisler's own award to final year degree students at The Birmingham City University, Lauren's collection was inspired by cabinets of curiosity and tales of wonder. Each piece of jewellery is inspired by the traditional fairytale looking to nostalgia, beauty and intrigue where an eclectic mix of miscellany and fragile beauty is captured in the work, and where the collections clearly shows a strong sentimentality to the past.

To complement her work, The Sara Preisler Gallery is very much looking to Christmas Past in the window, with a nod to Dickens' Christmas tales; The Carols and The Chimes, the Gallery looks not only to the romantic past of quality workmanship and values, but also upholds strong design ethic in promoting contemporary pieces, not only the work of exciting new graduates such as Lauren, but in established leading designer makers from throughout the UK to include Sara's own unique collections.

This exhibition ran from November 19th to 24th December 2016.

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: 'Golden Days'

As the nights slowly draw in, here at the gallery we are holding on fast to those long summer days where the sun shines and the wind still blows a warm breeze.  Our exhibition 'Golden Days' is a celebration of all things fine in autumn, where we have invited four celebrated makers to share their interpretation of this most evocative of seasons.

From the woodland jewellery of Elizabeth Terzza, the warming amber and henge wood pieces from Aniela Dublazews, to Anne Massey's beautiful hand forged gold inlayed pieces, each of these award winning designers have delighted us with their submissions for the show, and we can't wait to share this selection with you! We hope to see you soon…

This exhibition ran from 5th September to 30th October 2016.

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: 'Summer Sweetness' 2016

We’re hoping to enjoy the warmest part of the year with our latest exhibition 'Summer Sweetness'. Incorporating the luscious vibrant colours of the season we are bringing together several makers who all push artistic boundaries with colours, form and materials.

From stunning objects made from fused Lego to textile inspired jewellery and ceramic bangles, this series of unique pieces both celebrate and facilitate the one time in the year where confidence in brightness  can be expressed in style.

This exhibition ran from 1st July to 1st September 2016.

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: 'In The Pink'

We’re bringing in summer this year with a stunning exhibition featuring work that has been selectively handpicked for floral blossom tones. 'In the Pink' brings together three fantastic makers.

Emma Farnsworth's jewellery- floral resins set into silver, Sophie Court's laser cut spring imagery and Hayley Sutcliffe's delicate hand painted enamelled copper vessels, all feature a balance between femininity, form and serenity. Needless to say, there’s a fair flavour of pink on show!

This exhibition ran from 1st May to 1st July 2016.

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: 'Spring time – with Gail Klevan and friends'

We are thrilled to introduce the work of Internationally acclaimed Jeweller Gail Klevan to the Sara Preisler Gallery! Trained at the Royal College in the 1980's Gail pioneered the use of painted and inlayed techniques on gold and silver leaf which then are set into resin.  Dynamic and bold, her  extraordinary use of colour and painting technique is second to none and for this show she has incorporated themes of   rhythm and pattern  to template themes of growth and nature at this emerging time of year.

Gail is joined in show by the works of Anna Gould whose feathered creations are pushed through silver and rose coloured golds, rediscovering deco structures with peacock’s feathers, hand dyed goose and crows feathers.

Featuring also is our staple gallery designer: Hazel Atkinson, who is exhibiting her latest spring collection 'fresh air' has added printed textile surface patterns to her anodised aluminium range.

We hope this spring time show will banish those winter blues once and for all and brighten up the first tender days of the new season for you, and as ever we really hope you can make it to visit us!

This exhibition ran from 5th March to 1st May 2016.

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: ‘Swing into Spring’ 2016

A Happy New Year to all our customers and welcome to our brand new exhibition 'Swing into Spring'!

We firmly believe that 2016 should start with a touch of romance and rhythm, with that said we have selected three makers who show an exciting dialogue between texture, form and colour.

Featuring beautifully unique jewellery and glassware, this exhibition hopes to express the freshness of the New Year with thoughts of the coming look to a new season. A bright and colourful exhibition featuring fused glass with warming tones of pinks, blues and greens compliment and contrast the polished sculptural jewellery with textured surfaces and dazzling pyrite stones as our seasonal theme.

This is a display surely not to be missed, we hope you can make it!

The exhibition ran from 9th January to 11th March 2016.

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: A 'Baroque and Roll' Christmas

Inspired by the haute luxury of the Baroque, our latest and most festive exhibition is composed from five of Britiain's best new designer makers.

From abstract paintings to inspired works of enamelled silver and porcelain jewellery, the exhibition captures a romantic and indulgent series of pieces all pushing the boundaries of contemporary making through the fusing of traditional techniques with the modern and purely unexpected.

Available to buy, all the pieces in this exhibition are on sale in the gallery and reflect the collection of exclusive handmade gifts readily here at The Sara Preisler Gallery where, in store and online,  we are pleased to now offer a click and collect service alongside our usual delivery options this Christmas.

The exhibition ran from 16th November to 31st December 2015.

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: 'Indian Summer'

We're thrilled to be exhibiting Sara Preisler's brand new selection of her Papered Paisley collection commissioned by the V&A Gallery and exhibited exclusively with us outside of London! Accompanying these bright and bold new pieces are beautiful jewellery by Simon Brough and Malgorzata Niedzwiedzka plus stunning sculpture by Michaela McMillan. A truly one of a kind exhibition!

This exhibition ran from Saturday 12th September to Friday 6th November.

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: ‘Birmingham-On-Sea’

Oh we do like to be beside the sea side! Birmingham-On-Sea is a celebration of the great British seaside in the summer time, originally from Brighton, Sara frequently misses the sea in good old Brum and has decided to bring the best of the British seaside to her gallery this summer!. Featuring gorgeous ceramics by Nicola Suckling and beautiful jewellery by Caroline Finlay, Kate Wimbush, Little people and Cecile Gilbert and Ellis Cameron! So get your deck chairs at the ready but have an umbrella close by – just in case!

This exhibition ran from  Saturday 4th July to Friday 28th August.

Sara Preisler Gallery presents:‘Luminous Landscapes’

We are celebrating our urban landscapes this spring with a unique and spellbinding exhibition, which showcases the work of two young, upcoming makers. Agnieszka Maksymiuk's gorgeous, sculptural landscape jewellery couples perfectly with Jade Crompton's innovative ceramics to create a beautiful expression of the landscape around us!

This exhibition ran from Saturday 2nd May to Friday 3rd July.

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: ‘April Showers Bring May Flowers’

Banish those winter blues once and for all with our bright and beautiful spring exhibition! Spring is well and truly on its way and to celebrate we have a host of beautiful things including lovely jewellery by Anisha Mistry and Jo Lavelle, and gorgeous glassware by Kim Bramley.

This exhibition ran from Saturday 28th February to Friday 1st May.

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: ‘A Winter Wonderland’

Take a walk in our winter wonderland this festive season with gorgeous gifts galore! Our show stopping Christmas exhibition includes the beautiful jewellery of 2014 Sara Preisler Award winner and exciting new graduate: Lois May Freestone; as well as lovely jewellery by Ruth Laird, Hannah Souter and Nicola Rawlings. Look out for our amazing glass tree decorations by Jo Newman too!

This exhibition ran from Saturday 22nd November to Friday 9th January.


You can also view our archive of previous exhibitions.